“View Of Cape Cleveland” Original Oil Painting


East of Townsville across Cleveland Bay lies the majestic sprawling Cape Cleveland jutting out into the Pacific Ocean. I went out there a couple of times, negotiating the muddy 4WD tracks through the thick semi-tropical Savannah along the base of the rugged hills…

…I drive down the Bruce Highway out of Townsville, past Nome and Alligator Creek to a point where the magnificent Mount Elliot sits inland to the right within Bowling Green Bay National Park and the Cape Cleveland Road turns off to the left across the railway line…

…I find a spot where I can set up with a view of the Cape in the distance across the shallow waters. The water birds come and go and make all sorts of noises. Some wade around on spindly legs, picking morsels out of the mud with long beaks whilst smaller birds erupt in flocks, fly spiritedly around a bit with a lot of sqarking before settling down again at another spot not far from the first.

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Oil on Canvas


Block Mounted – securely bonded to 3/8" MDF, May be displayed as is on a display stand or table easel, Ready for traditional framing, Suitable for float framing – neat darkened edge finish

Signed and Dated

Michael Hodgkins 2016

Unframed Artwork Dimensions

41.5cm x 21.8 cm