A beautiful summer evening and I’m walking back home with my dogs after taking them for a long meander through the tracks and trees of the disused Bushmead Rifle Range at Helena Valley in Western Australia. I follow the fence down from neighbouring Gooseberry Hill National Park as the sun is touching the horizon in front of me.

Looking back, the full moon is already large in the sky and as the last rays of sunlight brush across the landscape, quickly disappearing, I take out my iPhone and start snapping.

The photos aren’t much good technically but there is enough information for me there, along with my memories, to construct the scene as I felt it. This I did with a small oil study.

It took me another three or four years to get back to this subject and actually paint up a full size piece from the study, but now I have and here it is.

Click image for larger view

“The Cusp of Eve”, Oil on canvas, 46cm by 46cm.