Otago Harbour from the Otago Peninsula. Eighth in my New Zealand series. This view meets you when travelling back from the tip of the Otago Peninsula towards Dunedin. The road winds around the inland side of the peninsula just above the water.

This ramshackle arrangement is viewed across the bay which is in the foreground, then the road curves around with the bay to the right and brushes by the buildings which are on a point of land before sharply veering left again.

The water behind is the large sheltered inlet between the peninsula and the mainland called Otago Harbour. In the background on the land is Mount Cargill which overlooks Dunedin.

I was instantly struck by the charming rundown, rusty, salty appeal of this subject. The fishing boats are working but the jetty and buildings look like they are just waiting for one good wave to topple the lot.

As appears to be the usual for Dunedin, there was not a lot of sun about at the time so as my Grandmother used to say, here is “another lovely grey day”.

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Wellers Rock Jetty – Oil on Canvas Panel 2005 14″ x 11″