A Wooly Visitor on Saddle Hill. Sixth in my New Zealand series. I was painting on Saddle Hill, just south of Dunedin when I encountered this curious onlooker. I don’t know what she thought of me parked in the grass of her domain with easel and paints scattered across the bonnet of my son Clinton’s car but I don’t think she was too impressed.

She stayed only long enough for me to grab a reference shot with my camera before turning and racing off back down the hill. Later in the studio, I worked her into this little landscape. Somehow on this outing I managed to flick sprays of ultramarine blue paint across the windscreen when I was laying in the edges of the sky. I didn’t dob myself in and Clint didn’t say anything about it so my efforts to clean the oil spatters off his car must have been successful. Lucky that the sheep didn’t get too close or it could have been sporting some wool with tiny blue polka dots.

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Oil on Canvas Panel. 2005 9″ x 5″

(Originally published on ArtWanted, 2005)