I have a selection of subjects from around Bridgetown and surrounds that I searched out last year. They are specifically interesting landmarks – well to me at least – and feature old structures.

I used to paint a lot of buildings and vehicles in various stages of decay but I tired of it and wanted to widen my visual vocabulary. That’s fancy artist talk for learn to paint something different! So I’ve painted pretty much nothing but trees and bush for the last decade whilst venturing way outside my comfort zone with style.

Having settled down in my new home and studio I began to feel the itch to tackle some old themes and re-explore my old painting methods and that’s what I’m doing with these current paintings. The first one re-employing my old working methods was The Piggery on Winnejup Road.

This particular subject is only a few minutes drive from where I live and I often go trundling by it in my travels. It was a no-brainer for a painting.

Click image for larger view

The canvas has been sitting in my studio half done for about six months while I’ve been working on other higher priority projects. Anyway an exhibition event came up and this painting was a perfect fit for the theme so I pulled it out and finished it just in time to deliver to the gallery, still a tad wet.

Oil on canvas, 76cm x 51cm (30″ x 20″)

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