The colourful landscape of the Otago region near Dunedin. This is the second in my series of New Zealand landscapes.

I took a drive in the farming country just inland of Dunedin on the south island of New Zealand. It was one of those days (of which there seemed to be a lot!) where the sun could barely find a gap to peek through the clouds occasionally. The stunning country floated in and out of focus as amazing colour patches lit up for a few moments where the light struck then faded back as the cloud shadows strengthened again.

So what I tried to capture here is that half-light. Not quite fully overcast but no bright sunlit patches either. A soft pastel world of hazy greens and muted reds and yellow. I drove up a hill near the Dunedin race-course along the track in the painting to get this view.

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Oil on Canvas Panel – 10″x 14″

(Originally published on ArtWanted, 2005)