This rather moody scene was one I encountered travelling east along the Salt River Road on the edge of the Stirling Range National Park in Western Australia.

The Stirling Range, not far from Albany on the southern coast, is about the only place in the state that occasionally gets a bit of snow on its highest bits during very cold periods. Enough to throw a snowball or make a snowman – that’s about it. The only way to get up is by foot so you have to be keen to see some snow, seeing as it’s usually accompanied by cold, wet, windy and miserable conditions.

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Although almost overcast, this was quite a nice still day with breaks in the clouds throwing long bands of golden light across the muted landscape.

“Stirling Range in Changing Light” – Oil on Galician Linen – 2019  48cm x 30cm (18.9″ x 11.8″)

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