Confused by the huge variety of brush shapes and bristle types? In this video I take a look at Oil Painting Brushes in detail. The video is particularly aimed at the landscape oil painter but the information is useful for any artist who wants to know more about their artists’ brushes.

Oil Painting Brush ShapesI show you all the features, what they are made of, explain the differences in shape and size and tell you which ones to use for what purpose.
Points covered include:

  • Choosing the right brushes
  • Hard bristles or soft bristles?
  • Different brush shapes explained
  • Demonstrations of brush shape in use
  • Details shown with lots of close-up shots


Video 1 – The French Box Easel
Video 2 – Brush Basics for Landscape Oil Painting
Video 3 – 12 Brushes for Landscape Oil Painting
Video 4 – How to Clean Oil Painting Brushes (coming soon)
Video 5 – Keeping Control of the Mixing Palette (coming soon)

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