The very last painting of all that I have done of the Bushmead Rifle Range. Painted in my studio over the last month or so from an oil study I produced several years ago. The Bushmead series is now complete.

Another stunning Perth afternoon, and I’m walking my dogs back home alongside Kadina Brook, with the camera slung over my shoulder. I work my way between the bushes trying to get closer to the creek and this small clearing opens up before me. The late sun is sweeping across the ground and wrapping itself around the tree trunks as if they are lit from within. I make mental notes, fire as many reference photos as I can while the light effect lasts and head home excited. Later I work up a small oil study from my memory and the photos and tease and change it until I am satisfied that it captured that glorious sense of warm enveloping sanctuary that I had experienced. From that small study came this studio painting.

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“My Sanctuary, Where the Warm Trees Glow”, Oil on Canvas, 30″ x 20″